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The Sequel Is Coming

After writing 10,042 drafts to continue the tale of Michael and Shelly, your questions will be answered in BLUE VALENTINES and THE LANGUAGE OF THE SON. The manuscripts are finished, and I will soon self-publish them.

That's not my first choice, but the reality is BREAKFAST WITH NERUDA, while receiving positive critical and reader reviews, sales on it are stalled. It's a crowded market, and unless I'm embroiled in a scandal to gain notoriety and fame,where the novel would fly off the shelves, the book doesn't movie quickly enough for a publisher to take a risk on my follow-up.

However, my fans want to know what happens next.

Since I'm my biggest fan, I penned a fan fiction follow up. (Say that five times fast.) Currently the manuscript weighs in at 114, 000 words. (465 pages.) I'm dividing it up into books 2 and 3.

Once I'm finished revising, I promise you'll love the story as much as I do. Stay tuned.......

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